Ruby on Rails の作者 David Heinemeier氏のインタビュー

David Heinemeier氏のインタビューを読んでいて、Ruby on Railsへの興味がむくむくと湧いてきた。

O'Reilly Network: Ruby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson

インタビューによると、Ruby on Rails以前の37signalsでの開発には、ずっとPHPを使っていたそう。PHPでのWEBアプリケーション開発で、再利用可能なフレームワークをつくろうとずっと努力してきたが、いまひとつ楽しめなかった。
そして、これからずっとWEBアプリケーションの開発に携わっていくのならば、自分のツールとして何を選ぶのか、 "love it or leave it"の判断のタイミングがやってきた、と。

O'Reilly Network: Ruby on Rails: An Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson

I realize that this makes PHP sound bad, but it's really not about that. I'm grateful for PHP. It got me started with programming because of its incredible immediacy. It served me very well for a long time. I just arrived at a place that was outside what I would consider the sweet spot for that language. And Ruby proved to be exactly what I needed to get into the sweet spot again.



DHH: Stay below the infrastructure surface. Don't let business logic creep in the back door. It's not the responsibility of Rails to deal with content management, access control lists, forums, chats, or what have you. We're about the general structures that make sense of any kind of application.

So we won't ever become Zope. Or OpenACS. Or any of the other frameworks that have dipped into business logic waters and been consumed by it.

We're all about making it easier and easier to do what most people do most of the time in any type of application. For example, we're working on preparing a new sub-project called SwitchTower for the next version of Rails. It solves the problem of deploying applications to production servers. That's a problem that most every application needs to deal with, but it doesn't complicate the development process by making the default stuff any harder. It's just there, patiently waiting until that's your problem.